Jeffo Motivation Speech Description

How Life-Threatening Disease and Disability Led to Laughter, Healing and Faith

Laugh and be encouraged by a blind man whose vision is filled with joy and a sense of humor that helps people look at their own problems differently. With perseverance, optimism and a natural gift for comedy, Jeff Smith’s resounding message is, “The most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about-our attitude.”

Smith’s complex journey illustrates how God’s perfect plan provided him with significance and purpose, with nothing resulting out of mere coincidence. He believes people can grow and have success, not in spite of the challenge but because of the very challenge.

Smith is not embarrassed to admit that even his future wife, Devon, before meeting Jeff when he was still performing as Amazing Jeffo, said, “Who’s ever heard of a blind magician?”

A “blind magician” may have been an oxymoron, but then Jeff Smith has never been one to fit the mold. Consider:

  • Doctors said he wouldn’t live past the age of 15: Jeff is pushing 67.
  • Some teachers said his disability made college impossible: Jeff is a University of Minnesota alumnus, the first blind individual to graduate from the School of Journalism.
  • People said advertising can’t be written by a blind person: Jeff not only graduated with a major in advertising copywriting, but he has worked both in an agency and as a freelance copywriter.
  • Family and friends feared he’d never live independently, much less marry: After years of independent living, Jeff built his own home in 2002 and just celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife, Devon.
  • Friends worried he’d not be able to find work as a blind entertainer and motivational speaker: Today, Jeffo continues to make his living inspiring and educating.

Smith says, “We cannot control our circumstances, but we have total power over how we interpret these circumstances and what we do with them. We can dwell on negatives or realize that all circumstances have inherent negatives and positives. We make the choice.”

Smith often uses humor to describe his most daunting challenges, i.e. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Blindness” and “The Hilarity of my Hospitalization.”

He adds, “I can either see blindness and other physical challenges for the ways they may limit me, or choose to see the challenges for what they really are-opportunities in disguise to influence others.”

Often faced with long hours, turn-on-a-dime projects and daily work stresses, even the most motivated employees can require an attitude transformation.

Amazing Jeffo has risen above his life's circumstances to inspire others to do the same. Employees come away from his hilarious and motivational presentation:

  • looking for new solutions to old challenges,
  • remembering to look at one's situation with humor, and
  • feeling relaxed and refreshed to face a new day.

Jeff Smith has ignited employees’ attitudes with new fire, delivering an original presentation that combines comedy, stranger than fiction personal stories and even complementary harmonica with his upbeat persona to embolden employees to seize on their talents, experiences and opportunities.

Invite him to share his unique perspective with your corporate, educational, civic or church group. Ignite a new attitude. As Smith says, “Discover the opportunity that lies in the midst of the obstacle!”

Now professionally retired as Amazing Jeffo, America’s only blind magician with multiple disabilities, Jeff will share a cornucopia of wacky stories and his 29 year career and all that led up to that. Messages can be tailored to both secular and Christian audiences.

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