Jeffo Motivation Book: “The Will To Laugh”

Book Cover of The Will To Laugh

Book Title:
“The Will To Laugh”
On the Brink of Irrational Optimism

Laced with amusing illustrations and loaded with funny and revealing anecdotes, read how a couple with physical disabilities can laugh often at life’s mishaps, inconveniences, and hardships while dealing with these challenges seriously and realistically.

Be encouraged and enjoy as you read how, through their ongoing obstacles, the Smiths see doors open and opportunities arise from what began as difficulties. Be refreshed as you laugh, cry, and hopefully embrace Jeff and Devon’s attitude toward foibles while gaining a little perspective about your own trials.

Chapters include: “A Bump in the Road & On the Head,” “Eat, Drink & Be Married,” “Romance Alley: Gutter Balls and All,” “The Wisest of Acres,” and many more.

Inspiring, motivational, and family-friendly, this book brims with an uplifting and humorous view of life’s unexpected challenges.

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