Jeffo Motivation Book:
“Splashes of Laughter in the Storm”

Book Cover of Splashes of Laughter in the Storm

Book Title:
“Splashes of Laughter in the Storm”
Seeing the Funny in Life’s Tumbles and Trials

Jeffrey Smith is America’s only blind magician/public speaker with multiple life-long disabilities. His wife, Devon, prevails over the ongoing effects of a traumatic brain injury.

In the wake of Seeing Light in the Darkness, Jeff’s motivational and humorous autobiography, readers will again be thoroughly entertained by Splashes of Laughter in the Storm.

Together, Jeff and Devon share a humor-filled approach to life’s unwelcome events. Enjoy amusing anecdotes that reveal how attitude and belief are key to overcoming anything. “Our purpose and hope for this book are to encourage others to embrace life to the fullest, not in spite of challenges, but because of them.”

Chuckle with the Smiths who possess the ability to turn simple miscommunications and everyday predicaments into hilarious outcomes. You will be refreshed and encouraged!

This is the 3rd edition of Splashes of Laughter in the Storm, updated from the 2nd edition published in 2020. For even more uplifting entertainment, see Jeff and Devon’s third book, The Will to Laugh, available in print or e-book.

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