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Comedy Magician Amazing Jeffo

Magic Classes

Budget-Friendly Events ~ Just Call and Ask!

Discover the Secrets of Magic!
Become a great magician!

Amazing Jeffo teaching magic tricks Three different magic courses to choose from.

  • Enhances public speaking skills
  • Instills self-confidence
  • Provides outlet for creativity
    and self-expression
  • Promotes goal setting

Let Amazing Jeffo teach you astounding and practical concepts of magic. These courses teach and distribute magic tricks and advice for success.

Your tuition includes a bagful of tricks, and a magician's handbook, which contains instructions for scores of additional tricks.

Class is open to children and adults. Additional Amazing Jeffo caps and specialty items will be available for purchase following the class.

A few of Amazing Jeffo's Magic Class students!
Enrichment Course Description
$20 per student / per course
  • Establishes participant's personal experience or general familiarity with magic or illusion.
  • Defines magic - what it is and what it is not, including principles, elements, and types of magic.
  • Briefly outlines the history of magic as a performing art.
  • Teaches age-appropriate tricks performed with everyday objects. Instructions and all materials supplied.
  • Volunteers perform tricks to peers for critiquing.
  • Handouts include: Magician's handbook, bibliography, and list of magic retailers.
  • Additional magic tricks available for purchase following class.
Amazing Jeffo teaching magic tricks

Amazing Jeffo Teaches Magic Classes for Community Education

Please contact the following community education departments to register for a variety of magic classes including Abracadabra, Discover the Secrets of Magic,
and Hocus Pocus.
(Registrants need not live in the following areas to attend classes).

952-848-3952     Edina Community Education
651-683-8590     Rosemount Community Education
952-975-6943     Eden Prairie Community Education
651-604-3766     Roseville Community Education
651-293-8738     St. Paul Community Education
952-401-6801     Minnetonka Community Education
651-463-5030     Farmington Community Education
651-438-0880     Hastings Community Education

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